#1 all over Teddy Bear. This is what many peple call the "Puppy Cut"

Schnauzer Clip: she didn't want to stand for her photo op, but this clip is very short on the back and haunches, fuller on the legs, with a very neat face leaving a beard and eyebrows. Some people like this cut on Mixed-Breed pups because it is both neat and clean but leaves some fuller coat on the legs and skirt so it looks proportional and stylish.

#0 Teddy Bear Clip on a Labradoodle

#7 all over with Teddy Bear face. The 7 is our second most popular length, especially in the Summer. It is very short and smooth all over, keeping your pet looking clean and barbered for longer. Also the 7 helps reduce hot spots and irritation because the skin can "breathe," especially during humid months.

Sassy Molly in a #4 All Over Poodle Clip.

The #4 is the most popular length as it is short but leaves a little fuzz, so that the coat is manageable until her next grooming but not "shaved"

Mz Coco rocking a short Bichon Clip, #4 on the body, fuller legs. (front leg had been partially shaved by vet)