Do I need an appointment?

Yes.  We can usually work your pet in the same day if necessary, but to get the check-out time you would like, it is best to book in advance.  We schedule appointments in 4-hour slots so no one gets stuck in a crate all day. For example you can drop your pet off at 8:30 and pick up at 12:30, or any other 30-minute increment throughout the day until 1:30 (pickup 5:30).  You can call us directly, or request an appointment online at your convenience through this link.

 What paperwork do I need to bring?

The only vaccination we REQUIRE is rabies.  A copy of the receipt from your vet showing the due date of your pets next vaccination is sufficient.

HOWEVER...we STRONGLY recommend you vaccinate your pet for Bordatella and all standard vaccinations (distemper, parvo, etc.)  We do  not allow pets to have nose-to-nose contact with one another, but Bordatella(Kennel cough) is an airborne virus, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.  Please check with your vet if you have any concerns about this.

What types of payment do we accept?

We accept cash, checks, Debit and Credit including American Express. Also we barter for services! :)

How long do I need to leave my pet?

All appointments are assumed as 4 hours.  This seems to be a happy medium between having to use a loud blow-dryer to rush through the process, or keeping pets out of their homes all day unnecessarily.  We are more than happy to take a phone number and call you if they can be finished earlier.  Happily, most of our 4-legged customers seem content to stay and hang out, so please don't be worried if you need to leave them while you handle other things! Our goal is to provide both a low-stress and relaxed experience, in an efficient manner so that you can get your pet back home happy .

Can I have a discount?

We cannot offer a discount on single grooming appointments because we are already very competitively priced. However, we are now offering a pre-paid Unlimited Service option which allows you to make one payment at the beginning of the month, and bring your companion in for as many services as you would like throughout the month.  This option allows you to have not only a full grooming, but drop-in bath/blowouts and trim-ups as you like throughout the month.  You can purchase this package by clicking the PayPal button to the right.  Please check the Services Page to determine which package your pet needs.

Will I get to speak to the person grooming my dog?

Yes!  You will speak to your groomer directly when bringing your pet in.  We have receptionists from 12:30 to 5:30 who handle phone calls and check-outs so that our groomers can do their job best and devote their attention to your pups.  We know that your dog is just like a child to you.  You are responsible for who you entrust to care for your dog and you want to make sure you are choosing the best person for the job.  We appreciate that you take that responsibility seriously!