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Attention: Effective Immediately we are complying with the Governor's order 121 to STAY HOME. We are trying not only to protect our clients, but our nurses and other hospital staff in Wilmington and Brunswick County from being needlessly overworked and at risk of infection. We are keeping a list of all calls and appointment requests and will contact everyone when we can set safely get your pet in. Please do your part to keep our community healthy while others are finding treatment and making sure we can handle this new bug. Stay stafe, Stay HOME, and we will be in touch soon !!!

Did you know that when you come to Peachy Kleen Everything Your Pup Needs is included in your Basic package?

When you leave your FurBabe with us, the price we told you is exactly what you will come back to when it’s time to pick them up.

If we discover that they need an Oatmeal bath, Flea bath, Hypo-Allergenic shampoo, or special Medicated shampoo, that’s already included.

We file everyone’s nails to a rounded finish, because we don’t want them scratching up you, or the kids, or your sofa when they get home. It’s already included.

At Peachy Kleen we aren’t interested in telling you one price and then charging extra for things your Companion Needs. We’re interested in taking excellent care of your Pet’s needs and winning your confidence. We’re interested in giving you Peace of Mind that you provided everything your FurBabe needed from us, no surprises.

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Now offering Driver Service! 25$ within 25 miles of either location (round trip) Call 844-4-PEACHY and select 4 for Door Service to get your pup a ride!