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Peachy Kleen Pet Grooming
605 South Front Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

Peachy Kleen is a small grooming shop located in historic Wilmington.
At Peachy Kleen we still pride ourselves on providing highly personal service in a relaxed atmosphere, and at a fair price. Our customers often tell us how relaxed their pets are when they come back to pick them up, and how satisfied they are with the quality of the grooming. At Peachy Kleen our goal is for you to feel comfortable and confident that you've picked the right salon to keep your pet clean and healthy! 
We know it's hard to find a groomer you trust to take good care of your companion, and we love that our customers take that responsibility seriously! Call us or come by the shop to discuss setting up an appointment for your "fur-baby."  Thanks for taking the time to check us out. 
-Sincerely, Sarah Barra, owner.
Here are a just a few pictures of what we do everyday to make pets feel their best!
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